The 2018 EcoSport…Small but Powerful!

As the saying goes, bigger isn’t always better. That’s definitely true when it comes to the 2018 Ford EcoSport…a perfectly compact SUV complete with everything you love. From the sleek and eye catching design to the most capable technology and safety features, you won’t be missing a thing on the Ford EcoSport. Plus, with three different trim levels to choose from, you’re sure to get exactly what you want. Continue reading

It’s Time to Go to Vegas…and We’re Getting You There!

What happens at Lester Glenn…doesn’t have to stay at Lester Glenn so you should take it to Las Vegas! If you’ve never been to Vegas, we highly recommend visiting. You won’t have to worry about spending the money ’cause this one’s on us! Continue reading

Jeep is in the Fast Lane to the Future! Join Us for the Ride!

There’s no arguing that the future is bright for Jeep. As their lineup continues to evolve and impress fanatics and newcomers alike, we are more excited than ever to see what tricks they have up their sleeve. Between more available options on long time favorites, various electric and hybrid selections, and the introduction of four new vehicles, we’re certain that the next few years are going to be quite exciting. Continue reading

If You Don’t Have any Holiday Spirit yet, You Will Now!

Here at Lester Glenn, we always try to be as festive and fun as we possibly can – you may notice that the balloons change every month and we’re pretty proud of that. This year though, we decided to take our holiday decorating to another level with our first annual Decorating Contest! Each of our showrooms were allotted extra money for the staff to spend as they wished on holiday decorations. Everyone had one week to put their ideas in place and collaborate with the participating staff…and we were not disappointed. Continue reading

5 Coolest Cars of 2015!

While we discriminate against no car, sometimes it makes things interesting to dabble outside of what we’re used to. We’ve all seen and heard of many different kinds of concept cars but when you stop and really read about them, they can be awesomely mind-boggling. We put together a quick list of some of the craziest and coolest concept cars we’ve seen this year. Involved in some of them are 3D-printing, six-wheel drive, and some variation of Christmas lights. Check it out! Continue reading

11 Cars We’re Most Thankful For This Year!

While gratitude is important to have year-round, most people, including us, are especially thankful during the holidays. The list of things we appreciate the most is pretty long but it’s safe to say cars are right at the top. To get in the holiday spirit, we rounded up 11 cars for which we’re most thankful. To be fair though, they’re all pretty fantastic. In no particular order, here they are! Continue reading

5 Best Road Trips to Take this Fall!

October is finally here! Be honest – you’re excited for the chilly weather, football Sundays, scary movie marathons…and maybe even a Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s okay, you can admit it. We have to say we’re most excited to see the beautiful foliage on weekend road trips! There’s nothing better than packing up your car on a crisp Saturday morning (with or without a pumpkin spice latte) and hitting the road. Where to, you ask? We put together a quick list of the 5 best places to visit during the season! Check them out! Continue reading

Adam Kraushaar of Lester Glenn Auto Group Wins National Recognition at NADA Convention

The nomination of Adam Kraushaar, president of Lester Glenn Auto Group, a Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hyundai, Jeep, Mazda, Ram and Subaru dealer in Toms River, New Jersey, for the 2015 TIME Dealer of the Year award was announced today by TIME.

Continue reading