5 American Cars Being Extra American!

It’s officially July, which means Independence Day is right around the corner. For your viewing pleasure, we put together a quick list of awesome American cars being extra American. Cars and America…our two favorite things.

1.) 1965 Chevrolet Corvette circa Austin Powers. Pretty much American with a side of American. And Heather Graham, if you’ve seen the movie.


2.) What’s an old Corvette without a newer one?


3.) Jeep Wrangler. Where else would you rather watch fireworks?


4.) Ford Mustang. Extra flames, extra fancy.


5.) It’s hard to tell exactly what type of Ford this is but the picture is so fantastic that we just had to include it.



We would drive any of these cars in a heartbeat. If one thing is true, America certainly is beautiful.

Lester Glenn Auto Group