Is Your Car Ready for the Cold Weather? It Will Be!

With Fall just days away and winter only months away, now is the time to start thinking about the health of your car before it really starts to get cold. If you’re not really sure where to start, we can totally help. Lester Glenn Hyundai is hosting a FREE Before Service Event on Saturday, September 17th. Our Service Technicians will be on site to give your vehicle a free limited multi-point inspection. They’ll be checking your windshield wipers, your filters, tires and they’ll be topping off your fluids. Why are all of these things important in the colder months? Keep reading to find out!

autumn-driving-hazards1.) Tires

Obviously you can’t get very far without your tires – regardless of the weather. However, colder weather can cause less than ideal road conditions (Blizzard 2016, anyone?) so it’s very important to make sure your vehicle can handle it. Your tires’ tread life should be checked. Make sure to look out for uneven wearing and cupping and check the sidewalls for cuts and nicks. If your tires are worn out, they simply will not handle the potentially slick roads that plague us during Fall and Winter.


2.) Filters

Whether it’s your air filter, fuel filter, or your PCV valve, it’s always crucial to make sure they’re all clean to ensure that your engine runs efficiently. When any of your filters are dirty, it causes your engine to essentially work harder, which ultimately burns more gasoline. Your oil filter should also be on that list – a failure to keep up with its cleanliness can result in damage to your engine, which is costly to fix. Better to get it all done now than worry about it later on!

3.) Fluids

It doesn’t have to be hot out for your engine to overheat, which is why you should always keep up with your coolant. During the colder months, a lack of coolant would cause water to freeze when your car sits idle, which could damage your entire cooling system. Not fun! It goes without saying that windshield washer fluid is always a useful thing to have, but it’s especially helpful when the car in front of you is spewing dirty road snow on to you your windshield. Fill it up every once in awhile and you’ll be good to go. As always, you should make sure your oil is changed on a consistent basis. It can be damaging to your engine – whether hot or cold – if you neglect it.

4.) Windshield Wipersengine_coolant

Worn out wiper blades are useless on any occasion, let alone when you have a layer of ice on your windshield. Although you’ll most likely notice when they’re starting to go, it’s not a bad idea to spend some extra time to determine if they’ve reached their limit. It’s said that rubber-clad wiper blades are especially useful in the winter because they fight ice buildup on your windshield. You can probably get by with regular ones but the extra rubber definitely wouldn’t hurt.

If it sounds like too much to remember – fret not. Our service technicians are always willing to walk you through everything to ensure you are looking out for your vehicle’s best interests. Now, grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte, put on your Uggs and head to our Before Service Event on the 17th! Free food awaits! See you there 🙂

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