6 Things to Do in the Car This Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend is always an exciting time for Lester Glenn! For the travelers…not so much. According to NJ.com, 8 million drivers are expected to be traveling on the Garden State Parkway this weekend. If you’re one of those 8 million, we’ve got you covered.

If you anticipate being stuck in traffic (and you should), you should go prepared. There are some pretty fun things to do in the car with your family and friends while you’re stuck in traffic. We put a few together for you to check out!


  1. Grab someone’s iPod and put it on shuffle, making sure it’s in a place where nobody can see the screen. Press play. The first person to guess the correct song name and artist gets a point. Set an amount needed to win – say, 10 songs – and make sure someone is keeping track. Whoever is the first to get 10 correct songs is the winner. Make sure whichever iPod you’re using has a nice amount of songs on it so you don’t run out!
  2. This one is our favorite. Pick a cool car (check out our website for ideas 😉 ) to look for on the road. If you see a car, yell it out ; whoever sees the car first gets a point. Set an amount needed to win – we’ll stick with 10 – and make sure to keep a tally of how many each players gets. Whoever gets the most cars first wins the game.
  3. Categories. Pick a category – we’re partial to cars – and go around the group. Each person has to say something from that category, avoiding repeat answers. If someone repeats an answer, says a wrong answer, or can’t come up with an answer, they’re eliminated. Keep playing until everyone is eliminated. The last man standing is the winner! The categories can be anything: types of cars, colors, states, countries, state capitals, etc. Get creative!
  4. Build a story. Pick someone to start with one random word and then go around the car, having each person contribute one word to form a sentence and eventually a story. Keep going until someone gets tripped up and can’t think of the next word. To make it extra fun, have someone write down the words so you can read the sentence out loud at the end of the game!
  5. The memory game. Pick a category, have the first person say something from that category, and have the next person repeat the first perss answer and then say their own. The 3rd pe rson has to repeat answers 1 and 2 and then say his own. Continue for however many people there are in the car. Whoever is the first to mess up the sequence loses the game.
  6. When all else fails, just bring along Catch Phrase and whip that out when things start to get boring. Never fails.


Wherever you’re going, we hope you do it safely! Have fun!


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