The 2017 Buick LaCrosse is Dressed to Impress!

The 2017 Buick LaCrosse has been redesigned from the inside out to deliver a modern-day expression of a luxury car. An all-new eye catching exterior and a beautifully updated cabin makes for a Buick that’s become a standard all of its own. Add to that intuitive technology, advanced safety features and powerful performance, the 2017 LaCrosse will keep you coming back for more.


The body structure of the LaCrosse has been redesigned so that it’s a lighter and more agile vehicle. As a result, we now have a ride smoother than any LaCrosse you’ve ever driven – you won’t even feel like you’re behind the wheel. On top of that, the 2017 model comes equipped with a smarter and more powerful engine that’s paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. A number of features have been added to increase all-around efficiency. Advanced stop/start technology is just one of these features, which helps conserve fuel by shutting off the engine under certain conditions when the car is stopped. Some of these subtle, yet intricate improvements will enhance your overall driving experience from start to finish.



It can be said that most new vehicles come equipped with pretty awesome safety features. The LaCrosse is undoubtedly one of them and 2017 is bringing even more to the table. Some of the new features available are Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Front and Rear Parking Assist, Automatic Parking Assist, and Front Pedestrian Braking. All of these will work together to make sure you and your family are protected even in the slightest mishap. The LaCrosse will help you feel as confident as ever, no matter which journey you’re on.


Luxury was the goal with the 2017 LaCrosse and we can honestly say it was achieved…and then some. On the outside, you’ll find standard HID headlamps and LED daytime running lamp accents so you’ll always be able to stand out. Stowed windshield wipers are something you never thought you’d need – they create a much more streamlined look and help with visibility. On the inside, you’ll find an 8-inch diagonal color touch-screen display, leather wrapped steering wheel and heated seats. Are you imagining driving it yet? Just in case you didn’t feel relaxed enough, lumbar massage is also available to ensure you’re feeling your best. The perks just keep on coming.


More and more cars these days are coming with even more advanced technology than the last. The LaCrosse definitely did not fall short in that respect. One of the cooler features is Wireless Charging, which is a little storage pocket in the center console that allows you to charge your phone without being connected to any cables. 2017-buick-lacrosse-mov-interior-1sp-hi9-gan-01-938x528-02Pretty awesome. The OnStar 4G LTE also creates an awesome hotspot for your car that can hold up to 7 devices. On top of that, Buick Intellilink gives you access to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There’s plenty more where this came from and we promise it will continue to impress.

The 2017 Buick LaCrosse has everything you could ever fathom. After just one ride in this car, we know you’ll be hooked. Trust us, we’ve been there. We’ll be here when you’re ready for the experience!

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