The Mazda CX-3 is Here!!

Mazda has debuted its first-ever small SUV (otherwise known as CUV – Crossover Utility Vehicle), the CX-3, and it’s not something you want to miss! Big enough for a family but small enough for top notch fuel economy, the CX-3 is the perfect addition to the Mazda brand. With a full line of awesome safety features, a graceful exterior and elegant interior, and an unbelievably smooth performance, the CX-3 is sure to impress.

cx-3-angle-25Like many other models, the CX-3 exterior was fashioned after Mazda’s design philosophy of ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’. KODO is defined as β€œthe powerful grace of an animal pouncing, or a human leaping into action,” and the CX-3 depicts just that. Elegant, yet simple, it brings elements of imagination and athleticism that are hard to find elsewhere. The interior is modern and organized, providing the driver with ultimate control of their comfort level. The multi-function commander coupled with the satellite navigator and push-to-start technology all make for very happy drivers.

Aside from the superior style of the CX-3, its performance will provide the ultimate driving experience. Mazda’s groundbreaking SKYACTIV Technology yields a more powerful engine and lower emissions than ever before. Transmissions are smaller, lighter, and have less friction. Improved and optimized aerodynamics contribute to better efficiency and performance. Pair that with an agile and wonderfully smooth ride and you’re in for a treat. With either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, the CX-3 is ideal for nearly any situation.

2016-Mazda-CX3-interior-dashWhile performance and appearance are important, safety is first and foremost. The CX-3 is equipped with world-class safety features to ensure utmost security. Dynamic Stability Control, the Traction Control System, and the Anti-lock Braking System all work together to deliver the best safety you can have. The Electronic Brake-force Distribution matches braking to vehicle load and the Emergency Brake Assist enhances stopping power when emergency braking is detected. Even more, the Emergency Stop Signal triggers your hazard lights to warn any drivers behind you that you might have to brake suddenly. With all of these features, you’ll feel confident driving anywhere.

The Mazda CX-3 is here and ready for you to take for a spin! We promise you’re going to love it.

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